Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Growing up I was one of four children, and now I am one of six. 

In a single parent family - my older brother thought he somehow had to step up to the mark of "man of the house" - basically, he liked to be in charge. My older sister was also quite bossy, and she favoured my younger sister - probably because she was younger and cuter. And I played by myself. 

I shared a room for 17 years of my life, initially with my older sister, then for a short while, with my older sister and younger sister - and then just my little sister. My little sister really does fit the clich√© of the "youngest who always gets their own way".  So for near enough the whole time we 'shared' a room - she had the control. control of which TV programmes to watch, who to invite to stay, decorations. And what I hated the most is that originally we had divided the room near enough equally, but slowly throughout the years I was gradually shoved into the corner, with minimal furniture and space. The Girl In The Corner. 

One childhood memory that always sticks in my mind is when my big sister taught my little sister to ride her bike without stabilizers but refused to teach me - so there I was riding along with stabilizers still aiding me on my bike, whilst my younger sister was freely riding all by herself. 

My Mum always used to say growing up that when we grow up and move out we will get closer to each other - But I could never see me and my siblings being close - ever. However - much to my disbelief and astonishment she was right. Although we had always had that underlying family love - The "I can beat up and bully my brother/sister, but if you lay a hand on him/her there will be trouble" kind of love, I never really got on with them. But now as my older brother and sister have moved out and my younger sister and I don't share a bedroom I actually find myself having conversations with them and laughing and joking like were friends. 

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