Wednesday, 19 January 2011


My mum always wanted four children, and my dad said he did too. However after giving her four children - he changed his mind, and inevitably did the thing that ends most marriages.

"Que sera sera - Whatever will be will be, the futures not ours to see..."

Every cloud has a silver lining, and for each door that closes two open. 

After the divorce my Father moved to Hungary for work - coming back every other weekend to see us. One time when he came back he brought a woman with him. My now step mum. Although my brother and two sisters opted down the clichĂ© root of "evil step mum" I actually get on quite well with her. The only problem that itches the back of my mind is the question: "Is she the woman my dad had an affair with?" but thinking about it, in all honesty - I'd rather not know. An amazing silver lining on the huge black cloud of divorce is that my step-mum gave me a beautiful baby sister and a gorgeous baby brother who I adore. Meaning my Dad now has a total of six children. 

My Mum took longer to meet her match. She was with one man for quite a while, us kids all liked him because he was like a human climbing frame. But the man she is now with, and is engaged to - we love! - No, he does not let us use him as a climbing frame - but that'd be weird seeing as were older now. It seems like they have been together - but seeing as I am only 17 it is practically most of my life. He is a father figure to us all and he brought with him two more silver lining on the cloud of divorce- a step brother and sister, from his previous marriage. His daughter is the same age as me and we get on really well. his son is the same age as my brother (21) and they were best friends in primary school - thus my Mum and Step-dad met. 

Divorce of course is hard at first - for all involved. But as time passes the looming cloud of divorce will shine bright with all of the silver linings that come your way.

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